Our Services

Unified offers a complete range of services in the area of Access Control, Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm and many more added Services.


Unified Technology Solutions are dedicated to supporting the solutions we sell, massive importance lies in the post-sales service and support to ensure our clients are continuously cared for. Significant investments with the implementation of an automated CRM system which allows for the allowing easy traceability of service calls, orders and maintenance visits, whilst supporting the ongoing training of Unified staff which is fundamental to our ISO accreditation.


Unified can design, install and commission access control solutions to any requirement. These systems allow authorized staff access to controlled areas while restricting unauthorized entry. We can provide access control systems ranging from simple keypad or proximity sensor/swipe control on a single door to large computer controlled systems covering many doors and extending to car-parks and emergency staff muster stations.


Remote CCTV Video Monitoring is the fastest growing sector of the entire security industry. As soon as an intruder enters your property, their movement can be detected by Motion Detection and an alert can be sent by the CCTV Transmission equipment. As soon as this alert can be acknowledged and verified, one of our controllers will be issuing a live audio warning to the intruder and will view them leaving your premises via a live video feed in real time. Any intruder not leaving immediately will soon be joined by the Gardai thanks to one of our controllers. Select 'Play' on the video below for a full demonstration. To give staff members extra peace of mind, we can also offer a remote CCTV escort service. If a member of staff calls the monitoring centre, one of our controllers will stay on the phone and view them safely leaving the site via the live CCTV cameras. We can also provide this service to any persons responding to an alarm. This can give total peace of mind to your staff.


Access to your premises can be controlled by the monitoring centre from our control room. This service will literally save your company thousands of euro by replacing the requirement for a night security guard. In addition to protecting the site from intruders, an intercom can be installed at your entrance gate. Any member of your staff can contact our control room by pressing the intercom and speak to one of our controllers. Our controllers can verify authorised personnel via live CCTV or a password. Our controllers can then open any gate to allow entrance to authorised personnel. Our controllers will then view the gate opening and closing, ensuring that no-one else enters the site.


Our fire panels and systems are known all over the world for their leading performance, flexibility and ease of installation and use. We hold global approvals including EN54 and UL 864 and offer the leading multi protocol panel-only system available. The result of decades of fire alarm and detection experience and a research and development involving installers, specifiers, consultants and end users across the world. MxPro 5 has been designed to offer more power and performance in a user-friendly enclosure. It packs more configuration, display, status and control options into its interface as standard than any other Advanced fire panel, which means less time and expense customizing a system with peripherals. Also we provide fire alarms, Axis AX’s loop device range is high performance, easily installed and maintained and offers a range of features and benefits suitable for almost any configuration. Unified offers a complete line of industrial, commercial and for home use fire extinguishers. Our goal is to provide our customers with quality product at a great value. Extinguishers are made from heavy duty materials and components typically found in the higher priced units from many manufacturers.


Our Wi-Fi division and wireless LAN experts design and create Wi-Fi powerful networks for your business or organisation. Unified offers increased Wi-Fi system functionality, Control, Security and Visibility over your wireless network with Intelligent cloud-hosted Wi-Fi, network controllers & access points. Business counts on reliable networks.


Unified Technology solutions has considerable experience and expertise in delivering Structured Cabling infrastructure projects for its clients in a highest quality standards. With highly trained and dedicated staff to provide excellent customer experience employed staff Unified are well positioned to take care of any sized project, from university campus area networks to a single cable installation. Nomatter how the client is they are given the same level of attention to detail and focus by our expert management team. Crescent communications customer base includes a wide variety of high profile companies from all sectors of industry and government bodies. Crescents customers have one thing in common; they require the most cost effective technical solution to their current networking needs, and their anticipated future requirements .Crescents ability to design and deliver such solutions has made us one of Ireland’s largest data networking companies.